Lovotic [w/ Charlotte Gainsbourg, feat. Willem Dafoe, Atom™]

Lovotic [w/ Charlotte Gainsbourg, feat. Willem Dafoe, Atom™]

Client:Soundwalk Collective
Role:Visual Artist & Creative Technologist
Type:Music Video - 4'53''
Location:Online Release
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by SOUNDWALK COLLECTIVE with Charlotte Gainsbourg, feat. Willem Dafoe and Atom™ Video directed by Stephan Crasneanscki Album available Here:

Written and conceived by Stephan Crasneanscki, ‘LOVOTIC’ is a concept album by Soundwalk Collective, composed in collaboration with lauded actress and singer/songwriter Charlotte Gainsbourg, featuring veteran techno stalwart Atom™, rising singer/composer/performance artist Lyra Pramuk, celebrated actor Willem Dafoe, and writer/philosopher Paul B. Preciado. The album will be available from April 1st via the new Berlin-based Analogue Foundation.

Inspired by a relatively new field of research that seeks to explore and develop the possibilities of sexual and emotional relationships – and even love – between humans and robots, ‘LOVOTIC’ interrogates the impulses, ideas, and needs underlying this phenomenon. The project ventures into a future where sex, intimacy and desire are reformulated through the connection of humans, robotics, and artificial intelligence.


All music written, composed and produced by Soundwalk Collective Additional production: Stan Neff
Arrangement: Simone Merli, Atom™, Stan Neff
**Mixed by Atom™
Lyrics: Stephan Crasneanscki, Atom™
Editing and compositing: Ali M. Demirel
Creative coding & 3D Renders: Çağatay Güçlü / DECOL
Archival footage research: Lan Linh Nguyen Hoai with Tommaso Cosmacini, Neal Franc, Anastasia Ivanova, Josefine Jacob, Shira Kehla