Ötme Bülbül Ötme (AI Music Video)

Ötme Bülbül Ötme (AI Music Video)

Client:Doğukan Polat
Role:Visual Artist & Creative Technologist
Type:AI Music Video - 2'57''
Location:Online Release
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“Ötme Bülbül Ötme” is a visually stunning AI music video that explores the themes of creation and nature-self awareness. It features an original music composition that blends elements of electronic, “nefes”, and Turkish music to create a mesmerizing audio-visual experience. This AI music video is example of the power of AI to create immersive, visually striking works of art. By combining cutting-edge technology with thoughtful storytelling, we created a truly unique and captivating experience that is sure to smooth watching experience for the viewer.

Music arrangement of the piece completed in about a year with Doğukan Polat and Kerkayas. Several footages recorded, chopped, refined and edited. To weave the story, stock footages of animals and environments are edited and synthesized. Music video course and AI synthesis took about 6 months. Over 5000 images, 1000 video synthesis generated throughout the process.

Techniques Used:
We utilized cutting-edge AI techniques to create a seamless, coherent story that unfolds over the course of the video. Stable Diffusion and Image Interpolation techniques were used to enhance the visual quality of the footage, while custom dataset training helped to ensure that the AI model was optimized for the specific needs of the project. Compositing techniques were used to seamlessly blend together different visual elements and create a cohesive whole.

In addition to the techniques mentioned earlier, we trained the AI on Doğukan Polat’s face to ensure that the final product was visually coherent and aesthetically pleasing. Feeding Doğukan’s face into the AI model helped to create a more coherent and visually engaging experience. Overall, the combination of these techniques helped to create a visually stunning and cohesive final product that is sure to impress viewers.

Stylized render of a pigeon generated with Artifical Intelligence Stylized render of a jellyfishes generated with Artifical Intelligence


Lyrics: Pir Sultan Abdal
Arranger: Kerkayas, Doğukan Polat
Vocal: Doğukan Polat
Mixing / Mastering: Can Turgay
Music Production: Olaki Sound
Director: Melike Kasaplar
Editing: Melike Kasaplar
Ai Video: Çağatay Güçlü @defektu
Cover Design: Eren Dedeleroğlu
Social Media Consultant: Yalım Defne Yeşilova