İzmir Typeface Promo

İzmir Typeface Promo

Client:İzmir Vakfı
Role:Motion Graphics
Type:Motion Design - 2'24” - 4K Video - 2020
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This is a geometric and solemn sans serif font, perfectly suitable for daring projects that need an outstanding appearance. Izmir font family consists of 44 fonts in mainly two widths, normal and narrow where each width consists of regular and italic styles in 11 weights. Each weight is equipped with useful opentype features. A local ampersand has been added to use in Turkish in normal weights and italics. The combination of normal and narrow weights can be an excellent choice for any graphic design and display use.

A gif with word 'energetic' moving energically A gif showing numbers and letter 'A' from typeface Orange band with text 'THE İZMİR FONT FAMILY CONSISTS OF TWO WIDTHS THAT ARE NORMAL AND NARROW, AND 11 WEIGHTS THAT ARE REGULAR AND ITALICS' A gif showing animated NORMAL and NARROW word


Graphic Design: Miraç Güldoğan
Motion Graphics: Çağatay Güçlü