Role:Creative Technologist & Visual Artist
Type:Audiovisual Installation, 9 ch 4k video + 9 ch audio, 6”20’.
Location:Zülfaris Kadıköy | İstanbul
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Mindflow is a complex audio/video project developed over four years. It incorporates artificial intelligence and live performance, captured with high-precision motion capture technology. Using data from AI and performer Ekin Bernay, we created CGI videos merging her movements with architectural elements. Classical musicians then improvised while watching these videos, resulting in unique audio reactive spatial 3D recordings.

Mindflow: an immersive spiral installation comprising 9 mesmerizing videos and 9 captivating audio channels. This unique creation seamlessly blends elements of architecture, dance, artificial intelligence, and computer-based image technology. Our goal was to redefine the boundaries of classical music by infusing it with spontaneity and improvisation, thereby generating a wholly new musical experience. Through the transformative power of randomness and improvisation, Mindflow transcends the rigidity of traditional classical compositions, offering a fresh perspective on the creative process.

At its core, Mindflow seeks to visually articulate generative structures while pushing the boundaries of conventional musical expression. Despite initially appearing disconnected from the exhibition’s overarching concept, Mindflow is deeply rooted in its conceptual foundation. By challenging the normative constraints of classical music—an art form often bound by strict rules and conventions—we’ve embarked on a revolutionary journey. Through a deliberate juxtaposition of classical instruments and artists within a realm of complete randomness and improvisation, Mindflow emerges as a radical departure from the status quo—an iconoclastic ode to innovation and creativity.

Photo from installation from Benküre Planet with screens in Zülfaris building Still render from installation from Benküre Planet with screens in Zülfaris building Photo from installation from Benküre Planet with screens in Zülfaris building


Performance: Ekin Bernay (@ekinbernay)
Producer / Sound Engineer / Musical Director: Can Şengün (@cansengun1)
Creative Technology Experts: Çağatay Güçlü (@defektu) Balkan Karışman (@_karisman)
Artificial Intelligence & Archive: Ezgi Ateş (@ezgaites)
Project Assistant: Serdar Yaşar (@serdr.yasar)\

Harp: İpek Sonakın
Clarinet: Ebru Çeliker
Korangle: Barkin Fish
Cello: Çağ Erçağ (@cag_ercag)
Violin: Esen Kıvrak
Double bass: Onur Özkaya
Percussion: Tunç Çakır
Piano: Can Şengün