“SIMULAKRA” is an audio-visual installation made for Salone del Mobile – Satellite. 

SIMULAKRA was created by examining many street games in the world and designed according to the needs and desires of today’s children as an alternative to shadow play. Thus, it is aimed to carry the common values ​​of the past to the future. Based on the behavioral development theory, SIMULAKRA, developed for alpha generation children, aims to make the player active and use unilateral advancing technology as a tool and involve the actor on the stage with his presence more effectively.
SIMULAKRA develops around the child who conducts his orchestra. The person who dances with spontaneous body movements within 3-D defined space, creates his own body music with the movement of hands, arms, legs and body positions, and sees the abstract visual expression of the sounds he makes with his movements in front of the screen. Technically, image detection and artistic coding technologies have been used to realize all these.

ClientSalone del Mobile - participant of project made with Eskisehir Technical UniversityJobAudio-Visual Interaction Design & Artistic Coding &