İBB – Culture Art Season Opening

The project and opening that I involved as an video artist. 4 video artwork (permanent) presented in the foyer and 1 live visual (total 20 minutes) performed in theatre scene.

“Empty Space” Virtual Screen – 4153 Virtual Decor

17,5×9,5M – Projection on red straight curtain

In the future, where the theater stage consists a curtain and an “Empty Space”, this curtain feeds on the possibility of space and process.

Digital curtain is the last traditional decor, dreaming of going back to the past in the spirit of living in Istanbul.

Bülent Evcil / Digital Aura
170x170cm – Projection on Canvas

Parametric digital aura based on sound.

Actions produce images, images produce actions. Taking the energy of Bülent Evcil as its focal point, we praise this performance with artistic coding techniques and consider this powerful physical action process as the center of the image.

Istanbul – Virtual Delusion
170x170cm – Projection on Canvas

This artificial intelligence is an attempt to jump to the old Istanbul and its own essence.

Future Istanbul can be reached by a probabilistic and stochastic process, not by a single path. Based on Istanbul photographs, this mini artificial intelligence is trying to return to the oldest among the selections (79 years ago).

Video Artist: Çağatay Güçlü Art Direction: İsmail Öklügil

Clientİstanbul Büyükşehir Belediyesi & Studio PuntoJobVideo Artist & Projection MappingYear2019