İBB – Culture Art Season Opening

The project and opening that I involved as an video artist. 4 video artwork (permanent) presented in the foyer and 1 live visual (total 20 minutes) performed in theatre scene. “Empty Space” Virtual Screen - 4153 Virtual Decor 17,5x9,5M - Projection on…

Impossible Mirror

Proof of Concept Impossible mirror is an physically impossible digital sculpture made with @touchdesigner @oculus & kinect


"SIMULAKRA" is an audio-visual installation made for Salone del Mobile - Satellite.  SIMULAKRA was created by examining many street games in the world and designed according to the needs and desires of today's children as an alternative to shadow play.…


A performance presentation based on Lo - Fi House, Synthwave and French Disco inspired by queer representations in New Queer Cinema and then mainstream cinema took place in Peyote Eskişehir on the night of June 15th. Dance Performance and Thesis: Mahir…

97-13 | Mecra – Launch Party

Upcoming audio-visual backed music event at Istanbul's first stop where various activities are combined and established as a social life area on the different ways of pleasure of its participants.

97-13 | DeadAss

There is a special area in our brain that we can call artistic memory. It records everything that fascinates us, touches us and makes our lives beautiful. We were born alone, live alone and will die alone. Only through production and sharing, we create…

97-13 | Mayhem

Immersive audio-visual made for 97-13. The event video has not yet been prepared and will be uploaded.

HumanInside – Ad

Explainer advertisement video made for HumanInside with illustrations of Mert Tügen. From the very beginning, when HumanInside came with a job offering, I responded "why not!" This brand explainer video made for introducing people HumanInside and their…

◆HOLY FIRE◆ | Hüseyin Özkan

Teaser of animation project planned for a future date made for Hüseyin Özkan.

T H E ° H O U N D

Ongoing animation project @ntomusic n'to - the hound

Shaman | Hüseyin Özkan

Little character animation made for very talented artist Hüseyin Özkan.


Little motion graphic inspired from @stereoclipbe track 🎧stereoclip - grim wish

Abakus Publishing Promo

Explainer video done for Abakus Publishing.